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tracKING, aplicació de franc per Iphone i Ipad. Participeu al sorteig!

Ens fem ressó d´aquesta nova “app” pels productes Apple, que la companyia americana The North Face, posa a disposició dels usuaris.

Ara tots els usuaris de l´aplicació, poden participar en un sorteig de material de la marca. Animeu-vos a participar i molta sort!


The North Face® TracKING is a performance mobile tracking app that lets you track your run and hikes and create a library of your own unique routes to share with your Facebook friends. Challenge them to go higher, further and faster than you did or take one of their routes and beat them in our weekly competitions to win great prizes. In the spirit of Never Stop Exploring you are geolocated to all relevant wiki points of interest near you.

You also have exclusive access to your own personal data dashboard within

The North Face Europe Facebook page at

Here you can review your performances, community results, contest information and competition prizes. All you need to do when you download the app, is follow the Facebook Connect prompt.

• Upload all of your favourite trails, hikes and runs to create a personal performance library
• Discover new and interesting spots on your routes via wikipoints
• Get voice prompts on distance achieved
• Challenge friends to top you, or outperform them on their own routes for universal bragging rights
• Geolocate your routes to the wikisphere so the community can learn more about their significance
• Share your results with your entire Facebook community
• Compete in weekly contests to earn special prizes
• Make new friends with a shared passion for exploration

Please share any suggestions or performance issues you experience with our development team:

For more info check:

Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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